Kornmarkt Arkaden Frankfurt – Kontore

Architecture rich
in symbolism

Erster Wohlstandort <br>Frankfurt


Room for new areas of activity


The modern architecture with its clearly structured façades reflects the economic and pragmatic attitudes of their eras, and is a defining element of the impressive appearance of the Kornmarkt Kontore. The approx. 9,000 sq m of interior space offered by these three office buildings can be used to create separate or consolidated units on every floor. In each case, the layouts can be flexibly adapted to suit individual tastes and requirements. The Kornmarkt Kontore office buildings feature state-of-the-art facilities and satisfy the demanding requirements of modern workplaces, offering tremendous scope for all manner of activities.


In the style of the new prosperity

Exterior views


It is the clarity of the architects’ design, exquisite materials and finely balanced layout that transform the offices in the Kornmarkt Kontore into exactly what is demanded from a modern property: inspiring and prestigious premises with a winning atmosphere. Stylish, yet free of exaggeration and excess, these offices will play a key role in the economic success and image of the companies that base their businesses here.

Interior views


Attitudes towards architecture are always reflected in outward appearances. The plain, clearly structured façade of the listed Federal Audit Office, for example, is evocative of the economic and pragmatic focus of the early years of the Adenauer era. With the construction of the Kornmarkt Kontore, we made it our goal to account for all relevant sustainability criteria and the targeted interplay of economic, ecological and social factors in order to create something of lasting value. These values have been given visible and tangible form with the decision to seek LEED Gold Certification.

Frankfurt on the outside, space for growth on the inside

Floor plans

Freedom of choice


The tripartite structure of the Kornmarkt Kontore means that you have the freedom of choice. You can choose to use one of the three Kontor buildings independently of the others as you desire.


You can also choose to use Kontor 1 and Kontor 2 together. The buildings are connected from the first floor upwards by a shared stairwell.


The office space in Kontor 1 and Kontor 2 can be variably divided into as many as four separate rental units on each of the standard floors.

Simply let us know what
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Kornmarkt Arkaden Frankfurt – Floor Plans

Facts & Figures

New commercial spaces

Lettable area – an overview
Bethmannstraße 8
Berliner Straße 51
Kornmarkt 1A
Basement level approx. 75 sq m
Ground floor Retail approx. 507 sq m approx. 344 sq m
1st floor approx. 416 sq m approx. 641 sq m approx. 405 sq m
2st floor approx. 382 sq m approx. 640 sq m approx. 397 sq m
3st floor approx. 383 sq m approx. 640 sq m approx. 397 sq m
4st floor approx. 382 sq m approx. 641 sq m approx. 397 sq m
5st floor approx. 352 sq m approx. 605 sq m
6st floor approx. 352 sq m approx. 606 sq m
7st floor approx. 501 sq m
TOTAL approx. 2,267 sq m approx. 4,781 sq m approx. 2,015 sq m
Can be split into units starting at 352 sq m 106 sq m single tenant

Kornmarkt Kontore with Facts & Figures

Bethmannstraße 8
Berliner Straße 51
Kornmarkt 1A
Construction grid 1.35 m 2.10 m 2.10 m
Building depth 13.20 m ca. 12.20 m ca. 12.40 m
Ceiling height in office areas (clearance height) 2.75 m 2.75 m 2.75 m
Windows (sill height) Floor-to-ceiling approx. 92 cm (existing structure) approx. 92 cm (existing structure)
Floor structure / cabling Hollow / raised floors Hollow / raised floors Unbonded screed
Ventilation Mechanical ventilation and natural window ventilation Mechanical ventilation and natural window ventilation Natural window ventilation
Cooling / heating Concrete core temperature control (reinforced concrete roof) Concrete core temperature control (reinforced concrete roof) Fan coil units
Standard office lighting Floor lamps Floor lamps Floor lamps
Conference room lighting Suspended ceiling lights Suspended ceiling lights Historic recessed ceiling lights (under heritage protection)
Sun protection Aluminium slats mounted outside Motorised fabric awnings mounted outside Manually operated fabric awnings mounted outside
Access control Proximity card reader Proximity card reader Proximity card reader
Planned certification LEED Gold Certification LEED Gold Certification LEED Gold Certification
Lettable area on a standard floor approx. 382 sq m approx. 640 sq m approx. 397 sq m

Kornmarkt Kontore with Facts & Figures